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Our Vision

At State Industrial Inc. our mission is to provide superior construction services to every sector that we service while building long lasting relationships. Period!

About SII

State Industrial, Inc. is a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) who specializes in the construction of highways and streets, concrete driveways, Sidewalks, curb & gutters, sewer mains, pipe, and connections, utility line (i.e. sewer, water), water main and lines. Our goal is to be known for delivering world class construction services to public and private commercial entities, large prime contractors, federal, state, and local government clients.  

Featured Project

Marvin Gaye Playground - Recreation Center - Trail Project


State Industrial Inc. was awarded the contract for the installation of Storm Drain Utilities in Phase 2 and 3 of the Marvin Gaye Recreational center.   


The project included the full design and construction services to demolish the existing recreation center (field house) and construct a new recreation facility with improvements to the athletic fields and basketball courts. In addition, re-activate the existing Marvin Gaye trail with signage, passive and active amenities.

Superior Construction Services

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